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Star Volunteer Nomination Form

Who is eligible?

  • Any currently active KVLS Member.

Who is not eligible?

  • Any paid employee of KVLS.
  • Individuals whose membership has lapsed for any reason, including but not limited to unpaid dues.
  • Any individual involved in court mandated community service.

Additional Guidelines

  • One STAR VOLUNTEER will be selected each quarter of the calendar year.
  • Volunteers may be nominated by anyone (KVLS Membership not required) or may nominate themselves.
  • A robust narrative must be included. Please do not simply include phrases such as “for all they do,” or “they do everything.” Nominations that do not include a solid synopsis of why the individual is deserving of this award will not be considered.
  • Nominations will be carried for one additional quarter. i.e. If Jane is nominated for the first quarter, but not selected, her nomination will be considered again in the second quarter. If she is not selected in the second quarter, she will need to be nominated again before further consideration is made.

Submission Instruction's

  • Nominations can be submitted using the form below.
  • If you have any pictures of the nominee, especially photos of them working at the fair or other KVLS sponsored events, please include them with the submission.
  • Please feel free to also include any additional items you feel may further demonstrate the volunteer’s efforts; thank you cards or letters, newspaper clippings, photographs, project synopsis, etc.

Judging Criteria

  • Need: Service addressed a specific need in the organization.
  • Action: The nominee was actively involved and took initiative.
  • Innovation: The nominee used creative methods or brought new ideas to help improve our organization.
  • Impact: Service produced a positive change, provided an example to others, or made an impact on others.

Personal Information

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Nominee Profile

Why do you think your nominee deserves to win?
Photos If you have any pictures of the nominee in action.
Any additional Materials thank you cards or letters, paper clippings, etc.

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