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Production Poultry Program Pick-Up

Date: Aug 24, 2019



1. Each participant would declare their interest in the project by July 25, 2019 by registering and paying for the chicks (must confirm final number by 7/26/2019 in order to receive on time for pickup date of 8/24/2019).

2. Each participant may purchase up to twelve (12) chicks at $3.75 each (minimum of 3).

3. Poultry Committee will order the chicks (pullets only of egg laying breeds) from a hatchery (can use different ones each year or every other year), recommend 5 or 6 per contestant.

4. The breed of chicken will be changed each year (ex: Red Sexlink one year, Barred Rocks the next, followed by Rhode Island Reds). This year will be the Rhode Island Red (backup is Austrlorp).

5. The chicks will be handed out at KVLS on 8/24/2019 AT 4:00 PM. The Poultry Workshop is scheduled for September 14, 2019 at 8:30 am the Skill-a-thon book will be given out at the workshop and gone through.

6. Birds will arrive at the same time as the other poultry and be tested.

7. The child will present their best three (3) of the chicks for a trio, which they bought from the Committee for the fair.

8. All poultry are required to be free of disease, parasites and mites. Poultry no free will be disqualified. All poultry will be tested at check in.

9. The Trio will be cooped together in one pen.

10. Birds will be judged during the Poultry Show as its own Division by the Poultry Judge in their pen.

11. The Trio will be judged as a group with Premium and Ribbons: Blue - $15.00 Red - $9.00 White - $6.00

The Trio will be judged as a group for Grand and Reserve. Premium:Grand $50, Reserve $25.

12. Any additional birds may be shown in the Youth Poultry Show in the appropriate class.

13. Skill-a-thon & Showmanship contests are highly recommended. Contest is on 2nd Saturday of the fair at 9AM, awards are at 3PM.

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