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Youth Market Buyer Information

What is a Youth Market Animal? Each year at the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show and Fair, Osceola County students in 4-H and/or FFA programs show their market animal. Approximately 170 students competitively show their lamb, goat, hog or steer at the Fair. Exhibitors raise their animals for five to six months, getting them ready for the show. Their goal is to have their animals in the best possible condition to yield the best carcass for the consumer market. Each exhibitor is required to sell their animal at auction for slaughter. By Florida Law, all market animals must leave the fair grounds and go directly to slaughter. This auction would not be possible without you the BUYER!

Buyer profile: The buyer can be anyone! Each year our buyers represent a cross section of our community: developers, doctors, ranchers, business owners, friends/family groups or individuals. Each year we have new buyers participate in the sale. Some buyers have been long-time supporters of the market animal program and our local youth.

Why should I become a buyer? Probably the greatest reason is to support our local youth, tomorrow’s leaders! Each exhibitor has worked long and hard on their project to get the animals ready. Numerous skills are learned throughout the project, detailed records are maintained, and Record Books are turned in as part of the competition.

As a buyer, what do I get? You gain the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting two successful organizations: 4-H and FFA. In addition you receive an 8 x 10 photograph taken of you at the sale with the animal and the exhibitor, name displayed in the KVLS show ring for advertising all year, and if you choose to keep the meat -- quality meat! Many of our buyers find they can use their expenditure as an advertising deduction.

Parking Information: As a buyer, you are considered a VIP! Every attempt will be made to give you parking near the show barn (KVLS Building). Please bring with you this packet of information or a buyer letter you may have received from one of the market exhibitors. Show the information/letter to one of the parking attendants so they may assist you. Be sure to show your information at any of the TICKET BOOTHS so you do not have to pay admission at the Fair gate.

Sale arena: All market sales take place in the 760 seat air-conditioned arena in the KVLS building. When you arrive, check in at the front office and receive your buyer number. If you are a new buyer, we will ask you to fill out a short information form and issue you a buyer number. Come one hour before the sale starts so you can enjoy the pre-sale buyer reception. Exhibitors will bring in their animal one at a time to be sold to the highest bidder. It all happens very fast!

You are the highest bidder - - now what? The auctioneer will announce you to the audience as the buyer. You and your family or friends will go into the sale ring to have your picture taken along with the animal and the exhibitor. Once the photographer is finished, you will proceed to the buyer table located at the side of the sale ring. KVLS representatives will assist you with the contract between you and KVLS. Payment can be made at that time by cash, check or credit card (only the night of the sale). All payments are due by March 1st.

As a buyer, do I have to keep the slaughtered animal? Some of our buyers only wish to support the youth, selling the animal back using the “BUY BACK” option. Prior to the sale a Buy Back price that a meat packer is willing to pay for the animals is established. The buyer receives the recognition for the purchase, but sells the animal back to the packer at the discounted Buy Back rate and pays the difference to KVLS (the “difference” still could be used as an advertising deduction). Or you may pay the full amount and donate the meat to a local charity.

What if I can’t make it to the sale(s)? We know there are some who will not be able to make it to the sale, but still want to support the youth market animal program. By contacting the Buyer Chairperson listed below you can make arrangements for PROXY BIDS. One of the KVLS Buyer Committee members will be glad to bid for you. Each year we have several buyers who take advantage of this method.

I did not buy an animal, but wish to do an “ADD-ON.” An Add-On is money given to an exhibitor(s) in addition to the sale of his/her market animal. An Add-On can be given in two ways: (1) A specific dollar amount, or (2) An amount per pound according to the certified final weight of the animal when brought to the show. An “Add-On table will be available at any time during the sale. Visit the table and tell the KVLS representative the name(s) of the exhibitor(s) you wish to sponsor with an Add-On. A form will be completed which is your “bill”. It is preferred that Add-On payments be made the night of the sale, but no later than March 1st. Add-Ons can be made to one or more individuals.



Please feel free to contact the Buyer Committee Chairman with any questions. Pam Plylar, 321-624-0786.

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Buyers at the 2010 received gift baskets from each participant.
Each buyer receives a gift basket from the exhibitor.


Buyers Dinner Photo
Buyers enjoy a private reception prior to the auction.


Buyer signing in
Buyers sign in prior to entering the arena.

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